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Sport (Water)

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Sport (Water)
Port Elizabeth

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Canoeing    |   Fishing   |   Rubber Ducking   |   Sailing & Yachting   |   Scuba Diving
Surfing   |   Swimming (Pools & Sea)   |   Windsurfing    |   Beach Info

Canoeing trails on offer led by experienced guides. Experience still pools through to fast flowing rivers in unspoilt wilderness and experience nature first-hand. A number of packages on offer for the adventurous.

Fresh, surf, deep-sea, fly-fishing, rock and river fishing opportunities. Popular spots are the dolosse around the bay area and the harbour breakwater. Try Cape Recife Nature Reserve for musselcracker, elf and hottentot. Try fly-fishing in salt water rivers and river mouths for tiger, skipjack, leervis and kob. Try the Swartkops, Sundays, Maitland, Van Stadens and Gamtoos Rivers (all within an hour's drive from the city) for a variety of catches including the giant kob (cabeljou). From Maitland River Mouth to Gamtoos provides 25km of sea for prime surf fishing sites, although one requires a 4 x 4 vehicle to reach most of these sites. Other spots along the bay include Summerstrand, Humewood, Flat Rock, Marine Drive and Schoenmakerskop.

Rubber Ducking
Popular watersport - enjot a thrill on the waves of the bay.

Sailing & Yachting
Algoa Bay is world renowned in sailing circles. Two prevailing wind directions namely the off-shore South Westerly (calm and flat sea) and the South Easterly (rough and choppy sea).

Scuba Diving
World renowned diving sites in the protected warm waters of Algoa Bay. Beautiful reefs, ship-wrecks, fish and coral species. Reefs and pinnacles range from 10 - 30m. Visibility is especially good in the Cape Recife area. Dive packages available. Magnificent shore dives and snorkelling opportunities. Details of some well known diving spots follow:
Bell Buoy / Roman Rock
Depth ranges from 12-18m with soft coral, gullies, rocky bottom (pinnacles and drop-offs), lush gorgonians, a resident conger eel, tame fish and lots of red bait. An amazing dive.
Devil’s Reef
Shore dive reached by a long swim. Depth of reef averages 7m with pinnacles of up to 1m and a variety of fish. A very special beautiful dive.
The Pati Wreck
Lies on the shallow parts of Thunderbolt Reef.
Evan’s Peak
Not easily accessible but woth it once there. Found 3,5km off St. Croix Island and 20km from Hobie Beach. Pinnacle extends from 12m down to 40m. Reef is very colourful, abundant coral and fish (game fish in winter months).
Philips Reef
Reef life is rugged in its sheltered position in the bay. Prime spot for shells, seaslugs and nudibranches. Average visibility of 10m.
St. Croix Islands
Crystal clear water. Breeding ground for many species of fish giving rise to an unbeatable variety of fish on the local scene. Depth varies from shallow to 25m. Permit is essential. Used for extensive research on marine life. Slugs, nudibranches and corals.
Haerlem Wreck
A navy vessel that sunk late in 1987 and is still intact. Algae, barnacles, anemones and other reef life. Depth of wreck is 21m.
Thunderbolt Reef
Big swells, clear water and a semi-precious hard coral in orange and lilac. are the characteristics of this favourite spot. Pinnacles with drop-offs ranging from 15 - 30m. A favourite dive of brilliant colour.
Western Knight Wreck
Lies at a depth of 8 - 10m in shallow water on the wild side. Best dived on a high tide in calmer water. Scrutinise entry and exit points well. Wreck is broken up and well worth exploring.
Sardinia Bay
Holland Reef lying within the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve. Very protected. Soft coral and ferns. A beautiful dive with masses of fish visible in the clear water. Depth ranges from 12 - 18m.
RIY Banks
The vertical drop-offs and variation in coral make this wall unique. Depth ranges from 18 - 40m. Game fish at specific times of the year. A spectacular dive.
Wreck Dive Inch Cape Rock
Only steel hulled wreck reasonably intact after the great storms of 1902. Depth ranges from 8 - 10m. Poor visibility so only diveable at certain times.

Great surfing breaks inside Algoa Bay and on the "Wild Side". World renowned Jeffreys Bay is the "surfing capital" of South Africa and is within an hour's drive.

Swimming (Pools)
McArthur Baths Swimming Pool Complex

Found on the Kings Beach Promenade and Humewood Beach. Comprises a freshwater pool, tidal sea-water pool, a childrens' waterchute and splash pool, snack-bar and restaurant. Permanent life-guard is on duty. Open in-season, seven days a week, from September to April.
St George's Park Swimming Baths
Found within St George's Park, Central. Comprises an Olympic sized swimming pool with diving area, a childrens' pool and snack-bar. Open in-season, seven days a week, from September to April.

Swimming (Sea)
Safe bathing at various spots along the 40km coastline of Algoa Bay. Warm water, calm seas and magnificent beaches. Paddle pools in places. Is truly a watersport mecca for the whole family. Beaches include King's, Humewood, Hobie, Pollock, New Brighton, Bluewater Bay and St George's Strand (Wells Estate). See BEACH INFO! for more details.

The best windsurfing conditions in South Africa are right here in Algoa Bay. Flat Water River windsurfing, Flat Water windsurfing (in the Bay) and "Wild Side" windsurfing (for the experienced) are all on offer.

Flat Water River windsurfing
Best spots at Dufour Park (Swartkops River) and at the Swartkops River Mouth. The South West wind creates side shore starboard sailing.

Flat Water windsurfing
Best spot for both long-board and short-board sailing is Hobie Beach (Marine Drive). The South East wind creates a large shore break. The South West wind leads to calm and flat conditions, with a small to moderate shore break sometimes. Best spot for side/onshore windsurfing is Millers Point (Marine Drive, opposite Humewood Golf Club).

"Wild Side" windsurfing
Best spot for experienced boardsailers is Noordhoek (8km from Hobie Beach, Marine Drive). Totally exposed to ocean swells. For "hard core" windsurfers only. An awesome spot with excellent reef breaks and cross shore conditions when the South West wind blows.

Magnificent, unspoilt, clean and sandy beaches line Algoa Bay for 40km. Sea temperature is 18 - 21 deg Celsius in summer and 14 - 19 deg Celsius in winter. Sea conditions are generally calm in the bay, except when the South Easterly wind is blowing. Fully-trained professional life guards patrol all beaches in summer. Algoa Bay is truly a watersport mecca for the whole family. Southern Beaches include King's, Humewood, Hobie and Pollock. Northen Beaches include New Brighton, Bluewater Bay and St George's Strand (Wells Estate).

Southern Beaches
King's Beach
1,6km. Golden sand. Stretches from the harbour wall to Humewood. Safe swimming, body surfing, sunbathing and beach walks. Entertainment for the whole family on offer with a supertube, children's playground, paddling pools, Putt-Inn Mini-Golf Course, Go-Kart race track and snack bars. Large parking area. Lifesavers on duty.
Humewood Beach
Family beach. Sheltered swimming and body surfing. Sandy subway links the beach to Happy Valley which is well worth a stroll.
Hobie Beach
Boasts Shark Rock Pier and the Boardwalk. Venue for the annual "Splash Festival". Hosted many beach volleyball and boardsailing world championships. Ideal for swimming, sunbathing and body surfing. Sheltered rock pools offer a variety of sealife well worth exploring. Restaurants and snack bars close by. Launching facility for sailing and rubberducking.
Pollock Beach
Known as the "Pipe". Ideal for surfing. Large lawns. Parking area.

Northen Beaches
New Brighton Beach
Large and unspoilt beach. Promenade, cafeteria and playgrounds. Good fishing. Lifesavers on duty for swimmers.
Bluewater Bay
Magnificent beach. Lifesavers on duty for swimmers and surfers. Childrens' playground. Parking area.
St George's Strand (Wells Estate)
Endless sand dunes. Swimming possible. Childrens' playground. Parking area. Picnic spots.

Deep sea fishing trips
Bennie Heynike
Tel:        (041) 507 7820
Fax:       (041) 507 7824
Cell:       082 7733710

Ski-boat fishing trips on board "Adrienne".
Bait and tackle supplied by skipper and the fish you catch is yours! Sunrise surf launches off Hobie Beach. R200 per person.



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